Want to exercise in the comfort of your home? Get a Home Gym now!

Are you thinking of buying different gym products separately? I prefer you should get an idea of buying the Home Gym instead. Read this piece of information to get more information about the Multifunctional Gym that might help you better than local gyms.

You might be thinking, why buy a Multifunctional Gym Giant instead of purchasing separate equipment? Multiple reasons will please you to buy the Home Gym.


Reasons to buy a Home Gym:

If you are a person who is enthusiastic about exercising, but at the same time is lazy to go to the gym, then you can choose this product. You can use the Home Gym at your place by keeping your comfort zone in mind.

Home Gym – The cost savior! Yes, NB-HG666 Home Gym, the Multifunctional Gym, will help you to save money. This equipment turns out to be cost-effective because it saves you from buying multiple gym equipment separately. 

This product provides multiple functions in one place. So, you can also call it All in One Home Gym – The Multifunctional beast! It automatically saves space at your home as you do not have to buy multiple gym products. So, it is also a space saver.

It will also help you save your time by allowing you to perform an exercise at home instead of going to a gym. You can have a round of exercise whenever you have time and under proper guidance.

About NB HG666 Home Gym:

The National Bodyline’s Home Gym machine is a combination of modern engineering technology. This equipment has a quality finish structure and provides the user with immediate results. 

This single station gym is user friendly to all, whether you are a beginner to exercising or a well-trained individual. The National Bodyline Home Gym Machine will help you to strengthen every major muscle of your body. Below given is the list of exercises that you can perform with this machine.

Type of exercise you can do with multifunctional home gym

Our Home Gym product provides you with over 24 types of different exercises. Some of them are listed below.

  • A Low Pulley is included in this product. It will help you with seated row exercise or upright row.
  • Pec Deck instrument will help you with your chest muscles exercises.
  • You will be able to focus on your biceps with the arm curl machine of Home Gym.
  • You can also work on your pectoralis major muscles (chest muscles) as well as your triceps while exercising with the seated chest press machine.
  • You can also perform standing leg curls, seated leg extension, and lat pull-down.

Pros and Cons of All in One Home Gym:

Every product has some benefits and detriments. Here are some benefits of our Home Gym product which you should know.


  • You can perform a variety of exercises like Chest fly, chest extensions, low pulls, high pulls, leg extensions, etc.
  • You can also perform exercises for your triceps, ad crunches, etc.
  • Our Home Gym includes Dense foam padding so that you can get qualitative and high-level of cushioning experience while exercising.
  • Sometimes setting up a multifunctional home gym at your home is the biggest challenge. But, this product from the National Bodyline company will fit in any corner of your house.


  • You have to assemble this machine by yourself.

Complete features of our Multifunctional Home Gym

The multifunctional, single-station home gym is a product of National Bodyline and we are proudly an Indian brand.

The product’s name is NB-HG666 Home Gym, and below given are some of the features that will help you know this product in detail.

  • The mainframe pipe, back pipe, seat pipe, and other key parts of this gym are made up of quality steel.
  • The net weight of our product is 136 kgs, while the gross weight is 145 kgs.
  • The size of the national bodyline home gym is 170 x 103 x 205 cm.
  • Steel ropes for neck training, pull-down, lower pulley, vertical back kick, butterfly clamping, etc., subparts are included in this single-station home gym.
  • You can use this instrument for the abdomen, arm, back, chest, leg, buttocks, and other muscles exercising.
  • It helps you boost your energy and get a perfectly toned body if used with care and under proper guidance. 

Where to place the Home Gym?

If occupying less space is what you are looking for, then this product is made for you. The National Bodyline Home Gym Machine is built to fit into any corner of your home, requiring much less space than traditional designs.

You can place the Home Gym Equipment at your home. It will be comfortable if you are having a spare room or an attic to place this product. You can also locate it in the garden shade or the guest room of your home.

Thinking of purchasing a Home Gym, but not sure of the quality? Here is the link to our product. We provide a quality Home Gym Machine that will help you to have your exercise motivation. Fill out the Request Quote form, and we will reach you within no time.

Wrapping up:

I hope you have found this section helpful, and it motivated you towards fitness. Stay tuned with us and stay updated on launching new gym products.

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