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National Bodyline

NB 44 - 4 Station Gym

NB 44 - 4 Station Gym

Looking for a versatile and complete gym station that has everything you need for a great workout? The NB 44 - 4 Gym Station is perfect for you! With a cable machine, punching bag, chin-up and squat stations, neck training ropes, seated rowing, lat pulldowns (front and back), lower pull, butterfly, kicking, buttocks, chest press, biceps preacher curl, leg extension, standing leg curl, AB crunch, triceps press down, 1 arm lateral raise, shoulder raise and low row stations, this gym station has it all!

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Weight Stack 72 KGs
N.W. / G.W 193 KGs / 222 KGs
Product Size 182*117*207cm
Features Cable Machine, Punching Bag, Chin-up, Squat, Neck training ropes, seated rowing, Lat (Front & Back), Lower pull, Butterfly, Kicking, Buttocks, Chest Press, Biceps preacher curl, Leg Extension, Standing Leg curl, AB Crunch, Triceps press down, 1 arm Lateral raise, Shoulder raise, Low row, etc.


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