India's leading gym equipment manufacturer

We Are National Bodyline. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the best gym equipment. Our gym equipment is tried, tested, and loved by gyms all over India. Our machines are used by the biggest names in fitness today and we’re committed to continuing the legacy into the future - making your workout experience even better.

Our Manufacturing Plant - Where the magic happens!

  • Power Press

    These machines allow us to make the most challenging shapes, curves, and angles in shaping equipment.

  • MIG Welding Machine

    Our versatile welding technology allows us to forge together metal frames of products and equipment.

  • Warehouse

    We maintain a dedicated inventory to avoid stockouts and to ensure smooth delivery of all our products.

  • Injection Molding Machines

    With the help of Injection Molding Machines, we are able to manufacture equipment parts in large volumes.

  • Powder Coating Plant

    We use powder coating to protect our equipment against chipping, wear, scratches, and fading.

  • Repairing Facility

    Customer satisfaction is our main goal if you have any issues with your gym equipment- we'll quickly fix it!

  • Dedicated Upholstery

    A dedicated upholstery team to craft seats and padding to provide custom or theme-based gym setups.

  • Milling & Drilling Machine

    We use a milling machine to drill, bore, cut gears, and produce slots, it makes most manual machine tasks easier.

  • Fitting

    A dedicated assembly place to assemble all components to a perfect gym equipment.

  • Pipe Cutting & Bending Machine

    A high-speed pipe cutting machine lets us cut raw metal rods for gym equipment frames.

  • Loading Facility

    A team of experienced professionals and machinery to ensure fast loading and unloading of equipment.

  • Our Showroom

    Visit our showroom to see a large assortment of our exercise equipment in action.

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Quality is our priority

We are India's leading gym equipment manufacturer with an innovative, top-quality product that is trusted by thousands of gym enthusiasts who want to improve their fitness level. Our products come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all types of users.