Manual Treadmill: Expectations vs. Reality
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Let’s see how manual treadmills aren’t as bad as you think!


First of all let’s clear out why manual treadmills are differentiated from normal treadmills we usually see at gyms.


So What is a Manual Treadmill?

Manual Treadmill does not require an electric motor! So how does it work? As it does not require any electrical power source, you are the source of energy to run it! yes it utilizes muscle power. According to Wikipedia manual treadmill was introduced for the purpose of power generation, threshing mills & punishments for prisoners. This device is simple to understand, it has a belt which moves according to the movement of the user on the surface.

Currently as per situation around the globe people are avoiding going to the gym, thus you might consider buying a treadmill for your home. But buying a treadmill doesn’t mean that you have spent a big stack of money for gym equipment.


Manual treadmills are the most affordable option if you are limited with budget, but before you make up your mind let’s check out whether it fulfills your workout needs and what are the flaws.

The Advantages of Manual Treadmill

  • Saves electricity bills and contributes to nature by not using any non-renewable energy resource.


  • As it is powered by your own movement, It burns more calories than a normal electric powered treadmill.


  • It is light in weight and you can set it up in low space, and it has flexibility to fold up which is very helpful to store it.


  • The Manual treadmill gives you full control over your movement and it moves your pace so you don’t have to keep up with the machine.


  • As motorized treadmills have electrical parts they require proper maintenance in time. While manual treadmills do not require much tuning and have low maintenance.

The Manual Treadmill has a lot to offer in a limited budget segment but what are the flaws if budget is not an issue, Let’s find it out.


The Disadvantages of Manual Treadmill

  • It can cause you extra stress on joints, as you have to do it all manually it puts strain on the knee joints and the hip joints.


  • You will need time to create a pace in your workout because you have to start it every time with zero.


  • It will not provide you with the latest tech support like syncing your phone or smartwatch for workouts, mostly it comes with a battery powered display which displays time, speed, distance, and calories burned.


  • As it is light in weight compared to motorized treadmill, Thus the manual treadmill is less sturdy and has limited user weight capacity.


The ultimate choice should always be based on your requirement and budget, The Manual treadmill offers everything you need to get started with burning fat and get fit. 

Whether you require a manual treadmill or motorized treadmill we at National Bodyline provide best treadmills for every need, we have a wide range of treadmills with exciting features.

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