Best motorized treadmills for home use in 2020

Hello readers, hope you all are doing well. Monsoon has arrived in India, the best season to enjoy chai and pakora, and feel the moody atmosphere, but this weather becomes a nightmare for joggers who cannot go for a morning run because of mud over the street due to rain and fear of getting infected in this corona pandemic. Don’t be sad we got you perfect solution to turn your nightmare into a daydream today we are going check out best-motorized treadmills for home use. 

Treadmills are the best of cardio fitness equipment for gym and home use. National bodyline offers best in a class motorized treadmill with a wide range of features and powerful specification which provide value for your money and last long durability.

Here is our list of best-motorized treadmills we offer for domestic use.


Key Features
MotorDC Motor 2.25HP (1.5Hp Continuous)
Speed0.8-14 KM/H
Running Surface1200*410mm
Max User Weight110Kgs


2. NB - 1 & NB - 2

Key Features
Motor DC Motor 4.0 HP (2Hp Continuous)
Speed 0.8-18.0 KM/H
Incline NB-1 : 3 Levels Manual
NB-2 : 0-18% Levels
Power Incline
Running Surface 440*1300mm
Max User Weight 130 KG

3. NB - 7

Key Features
MotorDC Motor 2.5 HP (1.75Hp Continuous)
Speed0.8-16 KM/H
Incline3 Levels Manual Incline
Running Surface420*1220mm
Max User Weight120 KG

3. NB - 7VB

Key Features
Motor DC Motor 2.5 HP (1.75Hp Continuous)
Speed 0.8-16 KM/H
Incline 3 Levels Manual Incline
Running Surface 420*1220mm
Max User Weight 120 KG

Why buy a Motorized Treadmill? 

Choosing a motorized treadmill over a manual treadmill is a great choice because it makes the workout more enjoyable and interesting, Motorized treadmill provide more options for workout and features.

You can adjust the speed of the belt according to your preferences which makes it more convenient to use and it has shock absorbers that can save strain on your joints.

In addition, you got a display feature that shows you how much calories you are burning throughout your workout and distance that shows how far you been running on the workout. And other add-on features are there like pre-installed workout programs, music system and many more These readout features help you to keep motivated and make your exercise more fun.

These above features you won’t find in a manual treadmill so If you are looking for losing fat and get your body into perfect shape choosing a motorized treadmill will be the best choice for it.

Things to keep in mind while buying a motorized treadmill.

✦ Budget for treadmill

If you are thinking a motorized treadmill is more costly then a manual treadmill then you are right! but a motorized treadmill comes with tones of features and it has mechanical parts that provide motion of ease, which you cannot expect in manual treadmills.

that why a motorized treadmill is the best investment for your health and fitness.

✦ Purpose of use

Don’t fall for cheap or generic equipment on the internet which you gonna use for a run, jog, sprint, or cross-training and at the end, it doesn’t perform any of them and not work for you. Our brand provides treadmills that are engineered for all-purpose use and durable for long run life.

✦ The place to keep a treadmill

If you have a dedicated area for the treadmill then you are good to go with the non-foldable variant but if you are seeking a treadmill to adjust into your small space then foldable variant will be perfect for you after the workout you easily fold and put in any corner in available space.

✦ Motor size

The durability of the treadmill depends on its motor, so the more powerful motor will get you more longevity and robust performance.

✦ Area of the running surface

If you taller person you should check that you are buying a treadmill that has a larger running surface. (At least 45 inches long and 15 inches of width) that will provide more comfort in a workout.

That’s all you need to know before buying a treadmill, nevertheless whatever you choose remember to have fun and dedicate yourself towards a better and healthier version of you.❤

We will keep posting new content, till then stay tuned!