Best exercise machine to lose weight at home.

The following exercise machines, which focus on different objectives and supply various levels of impact are all popular choices for home workout centers. Look for models with electronic displays that show heart rate, calories burned, speed, incline, or resistance levels and that also allow you to program customized workouts.


With a circular up-and-down motion. A cross between a treadmill and a stair-stepper. This machine offers cardio benefits and also helps to strengthen the legs, hips, and glutes because you can increase the resistance or work-out the reverse! Because it’s almost impact-free, this machine is good for people with joint problems or weight problems. We have a wide range of Elliptical options. Such as NB-CT1022 model shown in the above image.


The treadmill, a time-honored weapon in the home gym arsenal, makes up more than half the fitness equipment market. The running/rapid walking motion specifically affects cardio-respiratory health. Look for models that feature a flexible surface, speed, and grade adjustments, such as the National Bodyline’s NB-22 treadmill that comes with 80 preset workout programs.


There are various types of workout bikes are available in the market, The flywheel models and the air or bike models (such as the NB-Air Bike). An upright flywheel bike (like our Spin Bike NB-S3) resembles a normal bicycle, while the recumbent has an upright seat that offers back support. The cardio benefits are similar for both positions. Some deluxe models offer a choice of moving scenery and allow you to participate in group classes remotely.

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There a range of other popular home exercise machines available. Here are a few more to consider.


• Rowing machines

A low-impact rower exercises all major muscle groups at once, fairly close to a total-body workout. Sleek new models feature digital readouts and use piston/hydraulic, flywheel, wind, or magnetic resistance. These machines have a long footprint; if this is an issue, look for models that fold up for easy storage.


• Ski machines

This machine, which simulates the striding, sliding motion, exercises both arms and legs but remains easy on the knees. Look for a wide foot-bed for stability.


• Stair steppers

This machine, which simulates climbing stairs, is considered low impact, but some people find the strenuous action hard on the knees. Some machines offer hand grips to also work the arms.