About Us

We started the business of bicycles 65 years ago, Then we began into the fitness equipment business in 2001,
At present National Bodyline has got three different manufacturing facilities and more than 100 dealers across India, and we are proud to proclaim that we are one of the leading players in the rapidly growing exercise equipment manufacturing Industry.

Our Infrastructure


Our Manufacturing Units

We’re committed to health & fitness, and now we’re taking a leap to fulfil the vision of a fit and healthy nation.

Injection Molding Machines

With the help of Injection Molding Machines, we are able to manufacture equipment parts in large volumes.

Power Press

These machines provide us capabilities to make the toughest shapes, curves and angles in shaping equipment.

MIG Welding Machine

We use a versatile welding technique that is best suitable to joint metal frames of equipment.


A dedicated upholstery team to craft seats and padding to provide custom or theme-based gym setups.

Powder Coating Plant

We process our equipment from powder coating which is unaffected by chipping, wear and tear, scratch-resistant and fade-proof.

Pipe Cutting Machine

A high-speed pipe cutting machine helps us to cut raw metal rods to frame the structure of gym equipment.

Milling Machine

We use a milling machine to drill, bore, cut gears, and produce slots, it makes most manual machine tasks easier.

Our Showrooms

We have a wide range of products on display at our showrooms, visit us to experience our fitness equipment.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Why We Lead The Exercise Equipment Industry

As a professional manufacturer of fitness equipment National Bodyline integrates application, knowledge, engineering design, quality processing and logistics as a whole. While ensuring strict standards for product design, manufacturing, testing, packaging and transportation, product performance is also well ensured by various analog design, material science, special application function and strict performance tests.

With several year lot production experience, National Bodyline is improved by using innovative production technology to design and balance system, therefore maximum enhance efficiency and quality, optimize space and reduce waste.